Album: “Christmastime at North Hills Mall”

One of my favorite things about the holiday season is Christmas-themed vaporwave music. Given the nostalgic nature of vaporwave, it always manages to take me back to the Christmas of my childhood.

Speaking of which, one of the earliest Christmas memories I have is of my mom taking me to North Hills Mall during Christmas. I must have been only about 4 years old. This was maybe 1998-1999, so the aesthetic had an authentic late-90s feeling. Furthermore, the Christmas decorations were absolutely beautiful. The best parts were the mall fountain — which was covered in huge snowpersons — and ‘Christmas village’ in the heart of the building. They were essentially tiny houses, just big enough to fit one person, surrounded by huge Christmas trees and even a train big enough for children to ride.

Unfortunately, the mall is no longer running. It was shut down while I was still very young. The picture featured above is of the mall’s abandoned food court that I ate in so many times. But this year, I wanted its memory and Christmas spirit to live on, which is why I created my own album dedicated to North Hills Mall.

You can listen to just the audio here

You can watch a full, visual experience album that features old Christmas mall footage and commercials here

Hope you enjoy, and happy holidays!


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