Is “The Passion of the Christ” (2004) Torture Horror?

Extreme gore. Graphic violence. Prolonged sequences of torture. Can this film be counted as torture horror?


Review: Michael W. Smith’s “Christmas” (1989)

Michael W. Smith is the Christian king of the Christmas season, and this is the album that gave him his crown. Christmas was Smith's first holiday-themed album, and was the soundtrack of my childhood Christmas. About 6 years ago, I would've naively told you that this album is garbage because Smith is a washed out, … Continue reading Review: Michael W. Smith’s “Christmas” (1989)

Jim and Tammy Bakker’s Christmas Parade (1986)

Jim Bakker -- Lord of Buckets, master of the incoming apocalypse -- hosts a Christmas parade on his now defunct televisual program with his now divorced wife. Get ready for the night of your life. If you want to watch it before reading the interview, you can do so here Or, you can watch my … Continue reading Jim and Tammy Bakker’s Christmas Parade (1986)